“What began in 1989, more than 30 years ago, has changed in many ways. The PC-7s are now equipped with a smoke system, have been repainted and the program has also become more varied. What the PC-7 TEAM draws in the sky today amazes me every time!”

Res Dubs

Former TURBO UNO and first leader of the PC-7 TEAM (1989-1992)



The foundation stone for today’s internationally renowned PC-7 TEAM was laid by the Swiss Air Force in the 1970s, when two Pilatus P-3s were used to fly acrobatics simultaneously. The introduction of the PC-7 in 1983 was followed by solo demonstrations with the new orange and silver training aircraft. At the Air Force Championships in 1987, the then commander of the surveillance squadron, Colonel Hansruedi Ruesch, ordered a formation of nine PC-7s into the air for the first time. On July 20, 1987, the first nine volunteers met in Locarno at the Swiss Air Force pilot training center for a three-day training course. The first demonstration took place on August 29, 1987 in Dübendorf to great public acclaim.



However, the team was officially formed in 1989 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Swiss Air Force. Nine pilots, led by Major Res Dubs, tackled the challenging task of putting together an attractive program that took into account all facets of association flying with propeller-driven aircraft. From 1989 onwards, the Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM flew several times a year, delighting the Swiss population. In 1992, the “neuf magnifiques” ventured abroad for the first time and demonstrated their skills to an enthusiastic audience in Avord (France).



In 1998, there were serious discussions about disbanding the team of nine propeller plane acrobats to save money. We owe its continued existence above all to former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi, who campaigned vehemently for this globally unique team. The number of screenings subsequently increased considerably. Monaco, England, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and many other European countries were on the annual schedule from then on. In 1998, the team even flew in Israel. Over the years, the demonstration program has been continuously refined and expanded with new figures such as multiple crossings, mirror flight and new formations.



In 2008, the reliable PC-7 work tool was completely modernized. The cockpit has been brought up to date with the latest technology and the exterior appearance has also been upgraded. The PC-7 is now presented in the colors red and white and thus bears the representative Swiss national colors. The PC-7 TEAM is recognized both at home and abroad and has received several awards, including the “King Hussein Memorial Sword” for the best flight demonstration in Fairford GB in 2013. The PC-7 TEAM was able to put the new smoking system into operation just in time for the 25th anniversary in 2014. Thanks to the use of smoke, the audience can now follow the formations and figures in the sky even better.



This year, the PC-7 TEAM celebrated its 30th anniversary. The official logo therefore featured an orange 30 in memory of the TEAM’s beginnings.

In addition, the aircraft were given a special livery and the background music for the demonstration has since been captivating with a new, dynamic composition, specially adapted to the individual formations.

The book “With skill, desire and passion” and a newly produced film give interested parties an in-depth insight, not only into the work, but also into the team spirit and cohesion.

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